Egyptian food by Antoine Gigal

My favorite spots in Cairo 2016 by Gigal

by Gigal

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Fresh egyptian mezze in the Saraya boat entrance in Cairo center. Photo©Gigal2016-Cairo

Go to see my favorite spots to eat, drink and relax in Cairo, Egypte. The most important thing in Cairo in August is the swimming pool and the fresh food. (this is not a paid article nor affiliated and I really like and use these spots) 


When I am in downtown Cairo in the month of August, which is rare because I’d go elsewhere in Egypt in this period, but I am often obliged to welcome friends or to administrative duties,  I like then to track any fresh air but not through air conditioning: found everywhere. It is  difficult to explain to our Cairo friends that we are not seeking air conditioning but that we prefer being outdoors, yet without melting! And for this there are a few places:

Cairo Center by Antoine Gigal

View from roof top of Novotel in Cairo center, Egypt. Photo©AntoineGigal-2016

View from roof top of Novotel in Cairo center, Egypt. Photo©Gigal-2016

Antoine Gigal in Cairo center

Antoine Gigal in Cairo center Photo©AntoineGigal-2016

For those who like the Nile view from the heights, you can just go to the top floor of the Novotel: a terrace with wind and recesses, very pleasant in summer, with an amazing view. You can have a drink or eat on the run, small typical Egyptian and affordable dishes, absolutely delicious (I recommend the fatikh: a delicious puff pastry stuffed with meat and vegetables), while using their perfect wifi if you want to work on your computer or tablet. Very calm and quiet during the day it is a very lively and warm place at night. Novotel: 3 Gezira St, Cairo 11111, Egypt.



Then always in the center: the edges of the Nile, where wonderful walks are equipped with several elegant cafes decorated with outdoor fans (less violent than  the killer air conditioning !), comfortable sofas where you can enjoy excellent fresh and light mezze, watching the Nile. The same at  the wharf of the “Nile Crystal boat” with a very nice lounge area. So you can enjoy there a drink peacefully under the constant breeze of the Nile or go on the docked boats roofs to eat or drink as in : Al  Saraya, away from the crowds.  What is good in Cairo is that at any time you can ask for what you want: just a drink, a coffee or a meal and get it. Nile Crystal boat: Corniche el Nil, Athar El Nabi Sq, Corniche El Maadi, in front of Coop gas station, Cairo.  Al Saraya: El Gezirah St. in front of Guezirah sporting Club, Cairo.foodCairo

Nile in Cairo center by Antoine Gigal

Nile in Cairo center Photo©AntoineGigal






As for swimming pools, there are many, but either you must get a subscription or stay in the hotels. If you want to be quiet, there’s always the renovated pool of the famous Mena House, the five-star hotel that was unique at the time of Lord Carnarvon, full of history, at the Pyramids.

There are also far from roads and very quiet, the great and sublime pool of the hotel resort Cataract Pyramids (a simple but very decent hotel) on the road to Sakkara at Giza with towering palms and attentive staff.  I love going there in the morning, to read and swim and then eat a sandwich before heading on archaeological sites which are near. Mena house: Pyramids Road, P. O. Box 12556, Giza. Cataract Pyramids Resort: El Haraneya, Sakkara Road, Giza.


     Cataract Pyramids Resort swimming pool . Photo©Gigal-2016-

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This post is also available in: French

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