Flamboyant by Antoine Gigal

Flamboyance Now ! Even in the desert !by Gigal

by Gigal

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Gigal in the Whale’s valley in Western desert, Egypt

 Flamboyance now. When I’m in the desert, in this immensity of beauty loaded with oxygen and all shades of pale gold, bluish grey, pink beige, I like to wear flamboyant colors in this precious shades jewel case of the desert that invites us to dress up ourselves with bright colors.

      Because the desert puts us in tune with it and reveals us to ourselves pushing us to introspection but also by making us embrace the magnitude of space, that of our soul both earthly and heavenly. Desert allows us to dare to be .

      Flamboyance request such a refined surroundings and that is the desert. This flamboyance so lacking in our lives especially in large Western cities, far from the explorations that lead us to the accentuation of our differences, our peculiarities. In these cities where everything is gray, dark, when all melts into a puddle of obligations and duties, without allowing us to strengthen ourselves, to free our expression. A territory where there is fear of standing out, to be different, to be dashing and beautiful.

              Flamboyance and our management of Time

     Wearing flamboyance is for me, the evidence that our body finally accepted its life and the life of our spirit, the life in all its splendor and strength, and integrated our own time stream. We are no longer slaves of time, and then time becomes just an imperceptible support that we can ignore and that is at our service. In the desert only the day and night tempo punctuates our lives, there are no more hours, no more minutes and we finally breathe the fragrance of our planet and ourselves. And this is what we find in Africa, in India in Asia, in South America but not only …

Antoine Gigal with Tutankhamon

Antoine Gigal with Tutankhamon

Because we also find this flamboyance in the creativity, in the brain and heart of a growing number of Western artists and designers and is so wonderful because they may win the battle against time flowing so quickly in industrialized societies, the fight against generalized sadness and discouragement : they may win, because even if we are only a few able to buy their creations, they anyway influence us. We are able to immerse ourselves in their world, in the style they offer to us.

Our self-expression without taboos

          And that’s why designers like Alessandro Michele makes the Gucci house blaze with great consistency and strength but also : Jean-Paul Gaultier and Dolce & Gabbana are artists and designers that inspire me daily and I meet them in my secret creative garden where they stimulate me with their rebel spirit, their colorful, baroque or bold style but always stuning, beautiful. They live and lived to glorify us, magnifying Life in us and that’s what the great outdoors like the desert are doing. Alessandro Michele does not hesitate to say: “I do not care time”, “The concept of time does not exist, it was invented by man (…). And I agree!

          Therefore : reverence and respect to these designers that allow us to be more ourselves, and who liberate us and envelop us in dreams. Let us be flamboyant now in our lives because every effort counts against obscurantism.

                   Text & photos ©Gigal-2016- All rights reserved                                                                          

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Gigal in Ladurée, Paris-France- 2016

Antoine Gigal in Paris at Ladurée bar

Antoine Gigal in Paris in Ladurée bar Photo©AntoineGigal-2016

This post is also available in: French

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