Hathor sat in the Akhet sign with her sistrum, and between the two Menat collars of protection Denderah temple by Antoine Gigal

Hathor & planet Venus revealed by the Akhet sign

by Gigal

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Hathor sat in the Akhet sign with her sistrum, and between the two Menat collars “pillars”  of protection-Photo©Gigal-in Denderah temple-

I Will not talk about the meanings and attributes for Hathor that quite everybody knows ( She was called : Mistress of Life, and Fertility because lady of the yearly innnundation, Goddess of motherhood and love, Mistress of Jubilation, Queen of Dance, and Music …) but I’m going to focus much more on the much lesser-known meanings and yet very important of Hathor, meanings that will talk about our entire planet, solar system and humanity.

Antoine Gigal in Denderah temple

Gigal in her work of research inside the temple of Hathor in Denderah-Photo©AntoineGigal2016-

Hidden meanings that will show you that behind mysterious representations you actually get very pragmatic informations, we can even say : scientific informations. And that’s exactly the precious legacy that the ancient Egyptians wanted to transmit to us as I am pleased to repeat for twenty years.

Gigal in her work of research inside the temple of Hathor in Denderah-Photo©Gigal-

Many are unaware that a huge navigation festival existed in her honour, the third month of Akhet (inundation) a month called also « Khenet Het Hert » meaning « Voyage of Hathor » during the Old Kingdom.  It was a very big celebration, with processions of boats and priests around her temples surrounded or bathed by water in the past, throughout Egypt ( alike : Kertassi temple, Serabit el khadim, Denderah temple and  the one of Memphis about which I did lectures In England showing with geological features on the terrain and satellite pics that it was totally alike an island in the past).

Hathor’s barque named :”Great of Love”

 Hathor’s beautiful golden barque was named “Great of Love,” and it was a dazzling sight of gold and many semi-precious stones. Hathor’s icon was placed in a special shrine inside the barque and carried on the shoulders by priests and statues of the gods and goddesses of her entourage. The procession made its way into the Hall of Offerings of the temple, where priests offered meats, breads, wine, beer, fruits and fresh flowers. A thanksgiving for the inundation.

Antoine Gigal in Hathor temple of Memphis

Antoine Gigal in the temple of Hathor in Memphis during archaeologic works. Photo©Antoine Gigal2016

You Will think : « okay this is normal, an annual Festival for this great goddess! ». Yes, but when you look more closer you will discover extraordinary things

Today: radio astronomers can hear the sound of the Milky Way and it is exactly like the wind described by the ancient egyptians about it, in their texts!

First, in the past, Hathor temples were always surrounded by water because as the yearly Nile inundation herald,  Hathor was also seen as the Queen of the waterways and of the Milky way. The Milky way  was seen as a waterway in the heavens: the Nile of the sky.   Hathor was then named : “The Divine Celestial Cow of the Milky Way ”  and Lady of the Wind and Music. The Milky way is described in the Pyramid Texts (C: 359) as  a “windy waterway “. And today radio astronomers can record the sound of the Milky Way and:  it is exactly like the wind!  The Ancient Egyptian knew !

Mysteries of Hathor in Denderah by Antoine Gigal

The mysteries of Hathor in Denderah temple. Photo©AntoineGigal-2016

IMG_0515_modifié-1Then, because the yearly inundation of the Nile, she was seen as a herald of imminent birth, as when the amniotic sac in a mother breaks and floods its waters. A medical indicator that the child is due to be born extremely soon. And not only that, as we will see, because she was also the herald of a new world to be born soon. An alternate name for Hathor, which persisted for 3,000 years, was Mehturtalso spelt Mehurt, Mehet-Weret (“Great flood”) who was the mother of Ra in a creation myth and carried him between her horns. But I insist: creation myths are not “stupid” or childish stories but very important facts just needing to  be decoded. 

Hathor was not only responsible for the yearly inundation of the Nile. She was named also « great flood » for the universal big Flood  : iret Rê heri.t tep iten.f  : the EYE of RA  on his disk ». In special moments of Humanity : Hathor was so angry that the people  were desobedient to God , that she became Sekhmet (war goddess of Upper Egypt) to destroy the people sending fire and big floods on Earth...  We must not forget that the name “Hathor” is the Greek corruption of the Egyptian variants Het-Hert (“the House Above”) and then Het-Heru (“the House of Horus”). Hathor is also known as the:Lady to the Limit »:« limit » meaning the edges of the known universe.

Planet Venus = Hathor = Nebheru = Nibiru

 And in ancient Egyptian “Neb Heru” / NEBHERU / House of Horus /Venus was known to have had different places in the solar system in the past before stabilising.

In all ancient Egyptian texts referring to ancient times we speak of the eye “associated with the word planet”

All of this occurred after the death of  Osiris  (father of Horus) fragmented into pieces . In all ancient Egyptian texts referring to ancient times we speak of the eye as :”associated with the word planet”. Hathor was the wanderer planet who created the panic and major damage to humans at certain times in agreement with God due to the impiety of men. Venus was then considered a new bright sun which seemed to go back and forth to Earth throughout times. So the so called “Nibiru” is not another planet, it is Venus in the past according to the Ancient Egyptians.

There are no Sumerian tablet that speaks about Nibiru, they do not exist! Many people for years asked Sumerian translator Sitchin to point out to them where, in the Sumerian tablets the references to Nibiru are, but he never gave them this information. In addition, the name used in the documented tablets to identify the original home of the Anunnaki is : Duku, which means “the sacred mound”. It has nothing to do with the word Nibiru. Instead, the writers of the Sumerian tablets speak of the Supreme constellation, i.e. the Pleiades (as Mulmul).

References to the Pleiades  are well represented in the tablets. So what they are talking about in the tablets is actually the « Mulge », another planet that would have been destroyed and which is now believed to be in pieces in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. And its satellite would had been ejected from its orbit during the conflagration. According to many ancient traditions this is our current Venus. So the Nibiru story of today that is spread from years now with all it’s fears: is a total hoax…and the references in ancient texts of many ancient traditions are speaking only about what suffered Venus in the past.

Venus path and the hair curls of Hathor :

The change of orbit of planet Venus and it’s move through the stellar system after being moved from its original location is depicted in the curls of the hair of Hathorhathor-03


Hathor hair curls : the path of the Venus planet inside the Solar system in the past, as well in the horns of the sacred cow another symbol for Hathor. As well in the Omega sign : Omega describing also the ancient “forced” path of Venus. For that reason Hathor is depicted as a celestial cow with the cosmos, stars and planets in her dress and with a globe inside her horns.


What is very interesting also in the first picture of this article from Denderah temple is that Hathor is depicted with her sistrum in the hand : (It is a mystical instrument of music, used by the ancient Egyptians in their ceremonies, and especially in the worship of Hathor and Isis. ) The sistrum was mainly used in the countryside to announce the yearly flood arriving in the fields. It was held in the right hand and shaken. The great Plutarch (de Is. et Osir. pp670, 671.) says, that the shaking of the four bars within the circular apsis represented the agitation of the four elements within the compass of the world, by which all things are continually destroyed and reproduced.


And the Akhet sign there, where Hathor is sat is made of a blue stone, alike  two sea waves: it is to my knowledge a very rare representation of the Akhet sign in blue, telling us about the immense power of Hathor, planet Venus on the water.

Sistrum pillars in Denderah by Antoine Gigal

The sistrum pillars in Denderah -Photo©Antoine Gigal-2016

And not to forget that the Akhet sign is above one of the most important monument of Egypt: above the original entrance of the Great Pyramid. Akhet: is not only meaning: Horizon, as it is too much quickly translated, each hieroglyph has several meanings. Akhet is also the name of the inundation time (July19  to  November 15) but also meaning: Great flood.

Akhet sign sculpted above the Great Pyramid entrance 

(I am preparing two sets of e-classes for you to learn more about ancient egyptian knowledge, one of the series will collect the knowledge of the ancient Egyptian priests and the other is a work on your destiny with the philosophers of Alexandria).

akhet sign

Akhet sign above the entrance of the Great Pyramid

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 Text and photos by Gigal                                                                                                                                                              All rights reserved.©AntoineGigal2016

This post is also available in: French

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Colleen eissens October 7, 2018 - 4:15 pm

Very interesting, but would like to see how you fine tune your analysis after viewing the video “Remembering How the World Ended” by The Thunderbolt Project website. Now THEIR scientific hypothesis for the movement of Venus, Mars and Saturn and their presentation in the sky, pre-deluvian, and which refines Velikovsky’s “Worlds in Collision”, is truly mind blowing for those seeking the origins of myth and religion with scientific methods. Maybe this info will help you SEE with new eyes.

Gigal October 11, 2018 - 7:48 pm

Velikovsky is a genius and even if I agree with him for some things I don’t for others …for example for the egyptian symbols all what is said in this doc is quite an interpretation and not what was explained in ancient text…in fact planets are not all …there are a lot of interactions with other physical forces and laws and ancient emotion knew it and it is what I am showing…for example you will see if you follow my master class about Sekhmet that it is not Hathor the important ( because very recent) nor Venus but the law of physic represented by Sekhmet etc…It is needed to know very well the ancient egyptian text translation and to know each site in Egypt to understand it …

Steven March 23, 2018 - 4:55 pm

Hi. Thanks for writing.

Frederick Vairin October 24, 2017 - 2:29 am

This information is nothing I have ever heard before…..interesting and shocking.


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