Mon approche de l'arche du mystère

“My Approach to the Arch of Mystery” by Gigal

by Gigal

This post is also available in: French

Gigal in Paris,France a few days in August 2016

“Egypt speaks about our life : our universal Mystery”

The mystery of our existence is a characteristic of our lives. It truly exists. We exist and live in that mystery, the extraordinary nature of our reality that scientists nowadays describe with quantum physics and relativity in a less materialistic way. And this implies a new ethical perspective for most of us by forcing us to consider the planet as a whole.

All cultural forms in Egypt are speaking about the mystery of our existence in the universe, a mystery that interrogates man strongly and invites us to deepen knowledge and to better understand our secret nature.

The ancient Egyptians are a huge source of knowledge from which mankind can draw, a source that needs to be much more decoded, and that we can then gradually unveil and better understand this mystery. Provided that it be subjected to a sincere, honest and pragmatic search, and going back as far as possible in time. That’s what I try to do at my modest level for twenty years now.

My approach in my egyptian work is the story of my interaction with the universe of mystery and the universe of the sacred. This has forged me all those years.

Ancient Egypt holds in my point of view, the secret of the secrets because it has been the depositary of mysteries concerning humankind for so long… However to see through the mysteries requires a lot of work and deciphering, decoding, and getting an overall view of the whole knowledge which is very difficult because it needs years of immersion and studying, and years of continually traveling the land from north to south Egypt. One needs a necessary humility to undergo this process that imposes itself on you, rather than you imposing yourself to it, and far from all kinds of short time media scoops. My approach is really that of an investigator, a detective : I follow tracks, I hunt down details, I collect the pieces of a huge puzzle stretching over a large space and infinite time and I dig through layers as a detective and as an “archaeologist of history” …

If Egypt fascinates and inspires me so much it’s because Egypt is conceived as an « arch of mystery », and this mystery is offering us the opportunity to build within ourselves… The Egyptian territory is this arch of mystery, a paradoxically ordered space, which has been carefully and perfectly divided long ago, in 42 Nomes with boundaries marked by irrigation canals. A perfect grid over all the land of Egypt , today largely covered by sand.

This land was planned, subdivided and quantified more than any other in history, and this on both sides of a river Nile almost straight from the South to the North, with all around its myriad of subterranean networks stretching from Giza to Libya, and probably until the Atlas and stretching from Mokkatam (a neighborhood in Eastern Cairo) to the Red sea, and from Giza to Abydos in the south.

 And there is the enigma of our origins, what the ancient texts tell us about a life from the circumpolar stars, the amazing building techniques and the different stones reconstitution processes and the extraordinary boat building techniques, their sophisticated and waterproof hydraulic systems , their perfect geometry and mapping, their records of stellar observations, their advanced surgery, their vision of ecology their great respect for Nature. And not to mention their spiritual knowledge, the underground world of the Duat, and the mysterious land of Punt … there is really a lot of things still to elucidate!

Now humanity is seeking solutions for its survival and the Ancient Egyptians were able to pass through the ages, many valuable insights, and invaluable knowledge. This, despite the inherent destruction of time, sometimes even: falsification (political, historical), but especially despite many misinterpretations on their science, or limited understanding towards them and, bad translations.

Ankhtifi tomb

Antoine Gigal In Ankhtifi tomb-Photo by AntoineGigal-2016

I am even certain, like Champollion who left us a glimpse of it (but who died much too young, alas!), that they had developed specific techniques for their transmission to go through the ages by a whole stories system (that some call : « myths »), but above all by encoding in their texts and writing system and of course in their art representations and locating their monuments in specific sites, and by the oral transmission too .

I sincerely believe that the main purpose of the high priests was to convey a precious memory for decisive moments of humanity. Thanks to this transmission, humanity can better understand the universe and its cycles and the purpose of all that, but we must well decipher it all.

My Approach to the arch of mystery. In the tomb not yet opened to the public of Maïa in Sakkara by Antoine Gigal

My Approach to the arch of mystery. In the tomb not yet opened to the public of Maïa in Sakkara-Photo©AntoineGigal

In academic Egyptology it is said still now (but fortunately, it starts to change: read my article: ), that all began around 3500 BC, and that, after a « ignorant nomads » time, suddenly, colossal monuments, that we would have a hard time to copy today, appeared with sophisticated agriculture, irrigation, great omniscient priests, hundreds of gods, etc … There is a problem! The sudden anthropogenesis can’t satisfy the curiosity and intellectual honesty. Therefore knowledge can only evolve if people are willing to go outside the box and think differently. It is important not to interpret from the only understanding of our present and our environment, away from Egypt.

In the tomb not yet opened to the public  of Maïa in Sakkara-Photo©Gigal

That’s why I travel all over Egypt for twenty years, comparing, searching, pondering, returning to the same sites hundreds of times, analyzing thousands of books, excavation reports, thesis in several languages, translating texts from various sources, conversing with people living for generations on the spots, filling hundreds of notebooks, studying satellite views and ancient maps, sharing many elements with geologists and engineers on site.

If I can do all this, it is thanks to the discipline in study and the sense of organization that gave me the university for seven years I was there. But I had to take my freedom to be able to accomplish my task without limitations and without concessions. I chose a long and lonely path, independent, rather than a short and a classic one, but at least I’m free to go after my requirements. My way requires a total immersion in the field, a lot of time, energy and faith, but it is so rewarding that all the sacrifices I have made do not count!

                    Text and photos by Gigal 

All rights reserved.©AntoineGigal2016

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 Egypt map by Sebastian Münster, 1540

Egypt map by Sebastian Münster, 1540

 Egypt map by Sebastian Münster, 1540

This post is also available in: French

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Eric Archuleta August 2, 2017 - 11:59 pm

Hello Gigal,
I love your work!
I have been studying the Egyptian and Mayan culture since I could read!
I can tell you they are the same, you might know this but the mayans have a history
that predates the Egyptians for a good reason.
There are codex that tell how the Mayans went to Asia, Africa and Europe 14,500 years ago to
teach how to carve stone, the information in the tree of life and how to design and build pyramids!
there is a real connection between the mayans and the Egyptians that needs to be told and I know some of the history.
I was wondering If I could share some of my work with you ?
Thank you once again

GeorgesFur September 20, 2016 - 4:58 am

Thank you for this very important article ! We need so much Culture! World can improve only with it!
Thank you for the huge work you do from so long time !

Amr August 28, 2016 - 11:30 pm

thanks for your great efforts you do for revealing the beauty of the ancient Egyptian civilization and great long history….and many thanks for your very simple and easy but very efficient and valuable explanation….it is not difficult for an expert like you to give like this great article

Jeronimo Ortiz Flores (México) August 25, 2016 - 8:14 pm

Congratulations! This blog is a huge of work Thanks for share your knowledge. I love your way of think and write!

Gigal August 25, 2016 - 11:39 pm

Muchisimas gracias me da coraje para seguir ! ;))


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