“Whales Valley, Desert & Pyramids” Egypt Tour with Gigal:January 2 to January 11th 2017

by Gigal
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« WHALES Valley, Desert & Pyramids in Egypt with GIGAL »

January 2 to January 11 – 2017                                http://www.elshamstravel.com 

 Hawara Pyramid Complex – Illahun Pyramid & Labyrinth site – Fayum Oasis- Wadi el Hitan : the amazing Whales valley in Western desert- Kasr es Sagha temple in the desert- Dimeh el Seba fortress and temples- Dashur pyramids : Bent Pyramid – Red Pyramid – Memphis & Museum – Abusir « the city of Osiris » & pyramids – Abu Ghurab the alabaster shrine – Giza pyramids – The Great Pyramid – The Sphinx – The amazing Boat pits – Solar Boat museum – The Cairo Museum – Saladin Citadel –

 Day 1 of the Tour: Monday,January 2-2017 Arrival day: before 9pm (Cairo,Egypt time)-Gathering of all travelers at Cairo airport & Departure to Fayum oasis in
private bus.

Be careful that the appointment in Cairo airport : your arrival to Cairo must be absolutely before 9:00 pm (Cairo time), September 2, because we collect you all there to go to Fayoum. We will assist each of you at your arrival inside Cairo airport .(You will notify by mail  to El Shams travel agency your arrival time, flight number, company).  – From any countries : You can arrange your airfare to/from Cairo knowing that you might arrive before 9:00pm in Cairo airport January 2 (Cairo,Egypt time) and for your departure from Cairo in your flight back the January 11: might be in the morning (Cairo time)You will be assisted by our local Tourism Company representative to join all the group at your arrival day, we will assist you to change money (best rate in Cairo airport) and obtain your Egypt Tourist visa, clear immigration and to claim your luggage and clear customs.

If you wish to arrive the day before because a long flight (South America, Australia etc..) you can  arrange tis opion with us writing to : info@elshamstravel.com

Then for all: 10:30pm –Transfer by private bus with Gigal to the oasis of Fayum lake. The Lake Fayum, one of the oldest in the world was the preferred place of the ancient priests. Enjoy being where the high priests performed sacred rituals daily. 12:30 night – Arrival at hotel in Fayum; Check-in to the hotel. Overnight – 5***** L’Auberge Hotel in Fayoum Oasis with beautiful private view on Lake Fayoum. Swimming pool, garden. Free Wifi in the lobby.


View to Fayum Lake from your hotel in Fayum-Photo©Gigal 

Day 2 of the Tour: Tuesday January 3- Fayum/ Hawara Pyramid & labyrinth site/ Illahun Pyramids & mastabas- desert

9:00am – Good breakfast in the hotel. 10:00am – Be in the lobby ready to depart. (Wearing your shoes for the sand). Departure for Hawara Pyramid complex in our private air-conditioned bus. 10:45am – Long Visit with a privileged access for you by Gigal to the Hawara Pyramid complex, the famous Hawara labyrinth site, the tombs site and the Illahun Pyramid complex, with the ancient harbour site in the desert at the door of Fayum Oasis. It is the start of the Giza plateau that stretches in reality 80 km long. You will see many subterranean entrances and the latest archaeological excavations with Gigal. Lunch boxes around 12 :30am. 4:30pm – Back to the hotel (All archaeologic sites closing at 4pm in Egypt and sunset is very soon),You can enjoy the swimming pool, the garden with the magnificent view on the lake. 6 :00 to 7:00pm – Dinner. Question/Answer session with Gigal. Talks. Overnight – 5***** L’Auberge Hotel in Fayum.

Day 3: Wednesday, January 4 – Whales Valley,   Wadi El Hitan / Desert

7:30 – Good breakfast in the hotel.  8:00 – Be in the lobby ready to depart. (Wearing your shoes for the sand). Departure for the wonderful Valley of the whales : Wadi al Hitan   in 4X4 in western desert of Fayum with Gigal« It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in July 2005 for its hundreds of fossils of some of the earliest forms of whale. The site reveals evidence for the explanation of one of the greatest mysteries of the evolution of whales: emergence of the whale as an ocean-going mammal from a previous life as a land-based animal. No other place in the world yields the number, concentration and quality of such fossils, as is their accessibility and setting in an attractive and protected landscape. » The geology of the valley gives rise to the scenery, with wind and water erosion producing spectacular cliffs and buttes. The rocks present at Wadi Al-Hitan are all Middle to Late Eocene in age and comprise three main rock units. Wadi El-Hitan, is also home to 15 species of desert plants, sand dunes and about 15 types of wild mammals. We will spend all day in the valley. Lunch boxes at midday. We will enjoy a mechoui dinner under the stars in the desert. Late in the night back to the hotel. – 5***** L’Auberge Hotel in Fayum.


On the way to the Whales Valley-Photo©Gigal

 Day 4: Thursday, January 5 –Kasr es Sagha temple  
 /Dimeh el Seba temple/ Desert

8 :00 – Good breakfast in the hotel. 9:00 – Be in the lobby ready to depart. (Wearing your shoes for the sand). Departure for Kasr es Sagha golden temple (Middle Kingdom) in North Fayum desert with Gigal in 4X4. This site is such a beauty that you will never forget it. 11 :00- Kasr el Sagha temple visit. And visita round the sacred hill.12 :00– Lunch boxes at midday. 13:00– Departure in 4X4 to the very ancient site of Dimeh el Sibah (Dimeh of the lions) in the desert with Gigal. Evidences of habitation from the Neolithic period. Ptolemaic fortress and  the town served as a very important port untill Roman times. It was a site dedicated to Sobek. The desert and lake scenery behind will provide you amazing pictures. 14:00 : Visit of the temples & fortress site, and all archaeologic features. Visit of the Dimeh lake shore with its archaeologic sites. We will spend all afternoon in this site. 17:30 : Mechoui dinner around a fire Under the stars. 20: 00 : Coming back to the hotel. 22 :00 : Overnight in the hôtel. 5***** L’Auberge Hotel in Fayum. 

Day 5 : Friday, January 6 : Free day

Breakfast when you wish. You can enjoy the nice garden, the swimming pool and the amazing view on the Fayum lake in the hotel, enjoying talks and resting. Lunch at 1:00 pm in the hotel. Dinner at 7:00 pm in the hotel. Last night in the 5***** L’Auberge Hotel in Fayum. 


                   Kasr el Sagha Temple –  Photo©Gigal-

Day 6 : Saturday, January 7 : Dashur Pyramids-desert/ and transfer to Giza

9 :00 am – Good Breakfast at the hotel. 9:30am –Luggage outside your door. Check-out of the hotel. Be in the lobby ready to depart. Departure in our private air-conditioned bus to visit the Dashur Pyramids complex. 11:00 am – Long Visit of the Dashur Pyramids complex with Gigal. Visit inside the mysterious and impressive Red Pyramid with Gigal. 13 :00- Lunch boxes 1:30 pm- Visit of the Bent Pyramid site and surroundings. 3:30pm – transfer to Giza hotel, 1 hour road. 4:30am – registration at the Giza hôtel : 4***** Cataract Pyramids Resort in Giza. 6:30pm : Dinner at the hôtel in front the swimming pool. Talks. Overnight – 5*****Mövenpick Pyramids hotel in Giza.

DAY 7:Sunday,January 8: Abusir,The city of Osiris-/Giza

8:30am – Breakfast. 9:00am – Be in the lobby ready to depart. Departure in our bus for our private entrance into Abusir: “The city of Osiris”. 9:45am – Special opening for you by Gigal, of the pyramids area of Abusir. Visit of the pyramids and temples area with Gigal. Latest archaeologic works. 12:00am – Special private Visit of Abu Ghurab, the very special solar temple of Niuserâ with Gigal2:00pm – Return to the hotel. Lunch at the hotel beside the swimming pool. 4 :00pm Visit to local aromatherapist to learn about the ancient Egyptian art of scent alchemy. And other shops if wished. 8:00pm – Special Dinner at the foot of the Giza pyramids in the restaurant with an extraordinary amazing view on the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx.Return to the hotel. Overnight – 5***** Mövenpick Pyramids hotel In Giza.


Inside the red Pyramid in Dashur-Photo©Gigal

DAY 8 : Monday, January 9 : Giza – Great Pyramid/Solar boats Museum-/ & Citadel of Saladin site-

7:00am – Breakfast in the hotel. 7:30am – Be in the lobby ready to depart. Departure with Gigal to the site of the Great Pyramid9:00am – Visit of the boat pits and the Solar Boat Museum at the feet of Khufu pyramid. NoonEntrance into the Great Pyramid. Visit. 2:30pm / 3pm – Departure for the amazing Citadel of Saladin in Old Cairo with Gigal. Lunch boxes in the bus. 4:00pm – Visit of the citadel area. Incredible view on Cairo. And top of Mokkatam quarry, “The alchemist of Cairo”site. 6 :00pm -Come back to the hotel in our private bus. 7:30pm – Dinner in the hotel. Talks. Overnight – 5***** Mövenpick Pyramid Hotel In Giza.

DAY- 9: Saturday, January 10 : Giza-Sphinx-Valley temples-Menkaura-Khafra pyramids site-

7:00am – Breakfast in the hotel. 7:30am – Be in the lobby ready to depart. Departure with Gigal to the Giza plateau site8:00am – Visit of the Khafra pyramid temple site, Menkaura site10:00am –Visit of the sphinx site and temples of the valley area with Gigal. 11:30pm – Lunch boxes in the bus- Departure to visit the Cairo Museum1:00pm – 3 hours visit in the Cairo Museum in Tahrir. 5:00pm – Farewell Dinner beside the Nile in wonderful place outside restaurant: « The Sea Horse » or similar. 9 :00pm back to the hotel-Overnight – 5***** Mövenpick Pyramids hotel In Giza.


  Gigal in the Giza Plateau-Photo©Gigal

DAY 10of the Tour: Sunday, January 11-2017: Departure  Early Morning – 
Group transfer to Cairo airport international departure.

NOTE: This itinerary and visits or the schedule are subject to change due to conditions beyond our control or for security reasons but in this case, our agency will provide the best possibilities and ensure your safety and the visits to the sights.

You may get a post-tour extension to Upper Egypt, Red sea or a nearby country in the Middle East or Dubai, by asking the agency to make previous arrangements for you.                                                                        

The organization of the Tour is the charge of El Shams Travel, Egyptian Tourism Company. Gigal has to be considered as a guest of exception invited by the Company. For last minute circumstances, visits may be proposed in a different order on different days.Keeping the same contents unless sudden prohibition of sites by the authorities.

PRICING :Land Only Package without flights :
Price per person in double: 1535 €uros or equivalent in U$D      
Price per person in single: 2450 €uros, or equivalent in U$D      

If you do not want to pay the single room supplement and you are willing to share a room let us know we will do our best, notify it in the application form. All prices do not include airfares. In order you can choose your company and flights and departure airports. It is the responsibility of every traveler to arrive on the dates and hour shown on our program. However, for those who want, we may provide them a separate offer for airlines upon their request and as per availability. Contact : info@elshamstravel.com 

YOU CAN REGISTER DIRECTLY on the securised link of the application form : http://www.elshamstravel.com/Register.aspx

This tour pricing includes:

Transfers airport-hotel-airport. – Entry Visa to Egypt for authorized nationalities to get it directly in Cairo – All taxes – 5 nights at the beautiful Hotel (5 stars) “L’Auberge” on the shore of the Lake Fayoum. (Swimming-pool, internet for free) – 4 nights in the hotel (5 stars), “Mövenpick Pyramids Hotel”in Giza in a garden with a swimming pool. (internet access with cable in the rooms and free wifi in the lobby) – Transport by private air-conditioned bus all day long with a private driver available full time -Transport by 4X4 during 2 days – Tickets entrance for each visit, each site by person in the program (more than 15 sites) – Special permits to visit the very restricted areas and sites – All processes for maximum security (constant feedback to authorities) – Egyptian facilitator from the tourism agency permanently with the group – All the meals in hotels, and in special different restaurants and places and lunch boxes -2 mechoui diners in the desert- Tips for the porters – A small boat trip on the lake – 1 large bottle of water per day per person.

This Tour Price does not include:

– The plane flights – The Drinks of all meals – Personal expenses- Obligatory Insurance ( you have to send the proof that you get personal travel insurance for the time of this trip or that you already have it sending an email with your firm and date saying that this is of your responsibility and that you will get it or already have it to the agency please) – Tips to the Egyptian facilitator and the driver at the end of the trip.  –

Payment, any questions ; Please contact: info@elshamstravel.com


The registration in a travel or stays implies acceptance of terms and    conditions governing the relationship  between travel agencies and their  clients. 
Every entry must be accompanied by a deposit of € 750 or équivalent in U$D. To apply to this trip please send an email to: info@elshamstravel.com with your name, first name, date of birth and we will send you the electronic application form to fill with the securised link to pay or the bank datas for money transfer. Your reservation is confirmed once you paid the first deposit of €750 or equivalent in U$D.

YOU CAN REGISTER DIRECTLY the Tour ON THE SECURISED LINK OF THE APPLICATION FORM of the travel agency  : http://www.elshamstravel.com/Register.aspx

The receipt of this deposit involving the acceptance of the reservation to the extent of available seats.If accepted, the balance of the tour price must be received at least 45 days before departure. If the registration is done within 45 days of departure, the total trip cost must be paid upon registration. For registration within 21 days of departure, a supplement fee of 100 € (or equivalent in U$D) will be charged. If the balance of your trip is not reached 45 days before departure, El Shams Travel in Egypt reserves the right to cancel your reservation without compensation.


All payments can be done through bank transfer to the bank accounts designated by El Shams Travel and shown in the application form we will send to you. Or by Credit Card : Visa or Mastercard.  Clients should send us an email asking to pay by credit card and we will provide a securised official bank link to proceed. OR you can pay directly on the register form securised link : http://www.elshamstravel.com/Register.aspx

Payment by credit cards will apply a 4% increase on the total amount because the fees of process with foreign money.You can pay in 3 times if you wish. Payment, any questions ? Please contact: info@elshamstravel.com


View from your Giza Hotel  


If for any reason whatsoever, you must cancel your trip, the amount you paid will be refunded subject to the following deductions: More than 45 days before departure: a sum of € 150 per person will be retained for Land only packages. From 44 days to 25 days before departure: 50 % of tour price will be retained. From 24 days to 10 days before departure: 75% of tour price will be retained. Less than 10 days before departure: 100% of tour price will be retained. You must let us know your decision to cancel by email. Cancellation charges will be calculated from date of answering by El Shams Travel, your cancellation notice.

Consumer Disclosure Notice: El Shams Travel and/or their agents act only in capacity as agents for the passenger in all matters connected with hotel accommodations, sight-seeing tours and transportation, whether by air, rail, bus, motorcar, boat or any other means and as agent holds itself free of responsibility for any damage occasioned by any cause. El Shams Travel and or its agents will not be responsible for any damages, expenses or inconveniences caused by late departures or change of schedule, strikes or to their conditions, nor will be responsible for loss or damage to baggage or any of the passenger’s belongings. All prices quoted are correct at time of website posting/flyer printing, include the cost of operation of the events and tours, and are subject to currency conversion rate and airfare price changes. El Shams Travel, its parent corporation and affiliates, officers, employees, servants and agents shall not be responsible for personal injury, death or property damage as a result of force majeure or for any other losses or damages incurred by any person or tour participants caused by any delay or change of itinerary or arising out of any act, including, but not limited to, any act of negligence, any person acting for or on behalf of El Shams Travel for transportation, accommodation or sight-seeing provider or any other person or entity rendering any of these services or accommodations being offered in connection with these events or tours. Any dispute arising out of these events or tours, must be submitted in writing within 30 days of the completion of the event or tour and will be settled by arbitration within the jurisdiction of Egypt, Cairo. Insurance Protection Plan: We strongly recommend TRAVEL INSURANCE to protect against cancellation fees and additional travel expenses that may incur before, after or during the event or tour.

All and same information to be published on our website : http://www.elshamstravel.com & in many pages on FB.

Contact for any questions : info@elshamstravel.com

                           « Whales Valley, Desert & Pyramids »

Egypt Tour with Gigal January 2-January 11, 2017       

Presented by EL Shams Travel Agency 

http://www.elshamstravel.com        https://www.facebook.com/elshamstravelegypt/ 

El Shams Travel Agency

Adress :        18, Ibn Gahdam st. off Ibn Sander Square, Hamamat Elkoba, Cairo – Egypt
      Director : Mr Amr Fadl
+202  2258 7146

+202 2258 7145

+ 202  2258 7169 (Direct Line)
Fax : +202 2258 7142



This post is also available in: frFrench

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