Great Egyptian Museum: GEM, beside the Pyramids video by Gigal

by Gigal

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GIGAL is showing you In direct from Cairo how the new Great Egyptian Museum : GEM is beside the pyramids. The Gem will be finished end 2017

Described as the largest archaeological museum in the world sited in a 50 hectares of land at about two km from the pyramids, the museum is still under construction and is scheduled to be  open in 2018.

One of the main features of the Museum designed by architect Heneghan Peng, is the translucent stone wall, made of alabaster, that makes up the front facade of the building.

The total estimated project cost is US$ 550 M, US$ 300m of which is financed from Japanese loans, the remaining is financed by the Supreme Council of Antiquities, other donations and international funds.


Behind Gigal on the right: the Gem in works.

There are already symposium and international experts meetings inside and the high tech laboratories for the restoration of ancient artefacts are already working. Step by step, the artefacts of the Cairo Museum of Tahrir are transported to the Gem and a public opening of the Museum is expected at the end of 2018.

UPDATE : Have a look to the incredible move of Ramses II statue to the GEM in January 2018 reading my article :

An amazing travel inside the Great Egyptian Museum in works !

Video,Text and photo by Gigal

All rights reserved.©AntoineGigal2016

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This post is also available in: French

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