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The commitment to causes, for me, is a vital concept when you are a responsible and still free human being. Commitment is something deeper, very demanding but that set you free, and in fact liberating at the highest point.You already know my life commitment: (already over 20 years in this area of life !) to find, understand and convey the true message, the extraordinary heritage that have left the ancient Egyptians to humanity, to their children of the future that we are. A fabulous legacy still often misunderstood : in their texts, teachings and monuments and also in their potential utility for our present and future. However they have given us a lot for our future and that is the challenge that by some time I can probably transmit to you! This is a huge task that made me quit a career all mapped at the university after having spent years there, and another brilliant career in the private, to devote myself fully to this vocation , leaving the safety of a protected life and the approval of those around me, to be totally free to become involved in a different path from the others, with all the risks that it entails.

Antoine Gigal in Tanis Egypt

When I am in Tanis, Egypt to make my research.Photo©AntoineGigal-2016


This goal may seem uncertain and crazy to many but it brings me so much: despite the sacrifices, obstacles and enormous difficulties, I will not leave it for anything. I will talk of this in a future article. In any case it is a total commitment of my whole life, my whole body, and my thoughts. And to be able to write and speak, to think:” out of the box “, that’s the true freedom leading you to great discoveries and a constantly renewed creativity. This is Jean Paul Sartre who wrote:  “Writing is a way of wanting freedom, if you started, willingly or not, you are committed “.

But today, I will reveal you even more: I have other commitments and from many years too! And even though Egypt is and will remain my most important commitment with this insatiable quest of truth and all the actions that I lead there (which I will introduce to you gradually, if you do not already know some of them), I allow myself the luxury” of having other commitments. And when I speak of commitment, I’m not talking about simple shared opinions  but real actions, you have understood me.

There are lots of causes to defend as you know, whether to preserve Nature, childhood, against poverty, diseases, etc… because our beautiful planet is plagued with plenty of shade. And if we can all do something in our lives of  every day, even a small thing: to engage totally our body and soul in one or more important cause, is something that one must choose carefully, but that brings much . Unless it is the cause that is choosing you, and this is what happened to me for Egypt and my other cause! 


In Monreale, Sicily. Photo©Gigal


In front of a restaurant in Palermo wellknown to refuse the racket. Photo©Gigal2016-Palermo,Sicily

 Many years ago, I lived in Sicily (read my article on Sicilian pyramids:        ©, I was and I am still fascinated by the beauty of this island a real territory of inspiration, a territory where the Muses are fighting to give you inspiration and creativity: a total wonder of the world with its nature, fruits, flora, traditions and archeology, but also by its artists and the dignity, nobility of its people. But as it is on Earth and not in Heaven: as a Buddhist monk of my friends used to say: “Whenever there is a great light on earth, there is immediately next to it a great shadow “and this extraordinary territory has suffered and still suffers much from this terrible plague of mafia as  in a lot of places elsewhere on earth.

This octopus distorted the landscapes, the sites of cultural interest, the preservation of nature with its irrational concrete everywhere and an industrialization without laws, its forbidden waste, and its criminal volunteer fires. It destroys the lives of the storekeepers with its racket: the pizzo, its rigged markets, and it destroys the life and health of all with its traffic of drugs and weapons, kidnappings, the killing of migrants and  of even of many children: 31 ( The Mafia, the Cosa Nostra is still regarded as the largest criminal organization in Europe, with branches in almost all the world, it has thousands of “soldiers” of which more than half are still under the command of the 54 Palermitan families.

Palermo city view by Antoine Gigal

Palermo city and bay view from Monreale, Photo©AntoineGigal-2016

But when you love this land truly: how not to take part? Despite all that, this land is magnificent, one of the most beautiful on this planet. It’s time to stop being afraid.  Not only because:  “Fear always advise badly” (Quote from: Letter of Seneca to Lucilius – ca. 64 AD..) And: “Who is afraid is letting grow the courage of his rival” (Italian proverb) but: “There is a tacit connivance, unintended but real, between those causing fear and those who are afraid. “(Victor Hugo, “The sea workers”). And if you feel too small confronting commitment, in order to change something: consider this quote from the Dalai Lama: “Try sleeping with a mosquito you’ll see which one prevents the other from sleep” …

Antoine Gigal in Sicily

The beauty of Sicily,view from Mondello-Commitment is fantastic Photo©Gigal-2016

Do you know that there are people fighting daily against these monsters? Do you know that they are supported by many? Do you know that it is a great satisfaction in their lives? And that they have small victories step by step? I met all that people and they are all great and more alive than many. They are all cheerful even if they  are very realistic too, and you know why? Because they are at peace with themselves! And there is nothing more precious!


Do you know that an antimafia judge: Nino Di Matteo, under escort since 1995, who investigated the murders of the famous judges Falcone and Borsellino, and who is an expert about the links between mafia and State receives many death threats and that they  denied to him a “bomb jammer”  that would allow his cars and his so devoted escort to evade explosions? All this while we officially know, by testimonials that explosives have arrived in the territory of Palermo for his murder ?


Judge Borsellino and Falcone- Photomontage by Gigal, 2011


A part of the civilian escort : La scorta civica, in Palermo in front of the Justice palace – To my right, in blue the great lady poet Lina La Mattina.

Do you know that then, people like you and me, have created: “Scorta civica” a civilian escort movement for the judge to help him? Do you know that they hold good for thousands of days for now and that they are simple and great people? I personally think that this initiative and other anti-mafia associations have a real impact on people’s lives, their salvation, and on society.

Antoine Gigal with poet Lina la Mattina

With my friend the poet Lina La Mattina in the bunker of the judges: the aula bunker in Palermo, Sicily- Photo:©Gigal-2014

I have them quite all met, and I could not help but get involved, as their momentum, their cause, their life experience is just beautiful and generator of life. I never met a happier people, more generous and active, despite the difficulties and it makes a world of good. Thus, Salvatore Borsellino the brother of the murdered judge in 1992 (Paolo Borsellino) is a great example of humanism and dedication and created several committees, and the “Casa di Paolo” in a popular area for the memory and to  help young people.

So, what brought me to this commitment? A tenfold energy  by the frequentation of this extraordinary people. Strong friendships for life, like that of the greatest Sicilian poet a figure of the anti-mafia, my dear Lina La Mattina, with whom I shared unforgettable moments in Palermo. A depth knowledge of the psychological mechanisms to clear any fear, to understand where is the essence of life. The joy of participation, the joy of commitment. The certainty that this is part of life and that intelligent battles will one day reverse things. The humility to know that not everything depends on us and that good surprises also exist, that alone we are nothing but that together we can make things happen. The extraordinary warmth of all these life experiences  that are loving, sharing and are encouraging. The joy of knowing that ethical paths still exist, and courage, fortitude are always present on this Earth as described by Plato . And that such a beautiful Nature deserves to be preserved.    If you liked this article please go on the FB page to like it too: 

 Text and Photos by Gigal

All rights reserved©AntoineGigal2016

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This post is also available in: French

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Gildas Bourdais October 24, 2016 - 2:41 pm

Hi, Gigal. All this is very good work. Interesting comments, and beautiful pictures. Keep working well!
Best to you

trueL October 14, 2016 - 4:18 pm

Great goods from you. I have understand your stuff previous
to and you’re just extremely excellent. I really like
what you have acquired here, certainly like what you’re saying and the way in which you say it.

You make it enjoyable and you still take care of to keep
it wise. I cant wait to read much more from you. This is really a terrific website.

Melucina Zinnia (Christine) October 11, 2016 - 6:16 am

I just love your research into these smaller pyramids on volcanic islands. I am also very impressed by your concern and commitment to fight the mafia in Palermo. I sure hope you have a tour to Sicily soon, I would try really hard to come there with you!

Gigal October 12, 2016 - 6:18 pm

You always welcome dear Melucina!You are such a precious soul ! <3


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