Les Morts vivants d'Ancienne Egypte existent-ils?

Antoine Gigal: the Living Deads of Ancient Egypt do they exist?

by Gigal

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What a topic will you tell me ! And yet the question : “the living deads of Ancient Egypt do they exist ? will lead us on very unexpected paths but very important ones…

And first of all, I will insist on a point that seems to me primordial, and which, to my great surprise, is very little commented these days when however it is current. In our so called:  “modern times”, we are witnessing an incredible reversal of values ​​and, in the first place, that of words and appellations. Every expression of the possible truth, and all our history of humanity, passes through words, expressions, meanings, translations and interpretations. The word and its correct definition, meanings and understanding, spelling, etymology, are the guarantors of our memory and of all our knowledge in the past, present and future. And I suppose, I do not have to draw a picture to you, about the most common name of the Egyptian goddess Isis!

Name of Goddess Isis

Name of Goddess Isis was usurped and diverted. Collage by Antoine Gigal

I do not believe one second in coincidence, in this area, that of the take over of words or names with a strong positive connotation to affix them to completely opposite and negative things or concepts. This  in order to destroy the origin of the word and the rich meaning of it, its useful and positive information. The evil inversion of the meaning of words and  names is a total involution which gradually and systematically brings about the destruction of the values ​​of light, love and knowledge represented  by these words and concepts, voluntarily. Indeed, for a child of today or tomorrow, it may be that he completely ignores the Egyptian goddess representing joy, the arts, love, fertility, to retain only the symbol of death and destruction. And he will no longer know the radiant values ​​of life represented by the Goddess Isis.
Today, I am going to tell you about the term “Living dead” so widely used today in all its “vampires” and “zombies” representations, to answer the question: the Living Deads of Egypt do they exist? To prove to you perhaps that among the Ancients Egyptians this term represented exactly the opposite of the meaning of today!

Just to remember and to clarify the differences: the zombie is in reality: a living being who has been given poisonous substances (including tetrodotoxin), causing him to fall into a deep lethargy. The zombie got the appearance of death and sometimes even his body: a state of true decomposition, because the special poison (therefore a human being with just the appearance of death), but keeping some faculties like that of being able to move under the total control of the one who made him ingest psychotropic and neurotoxic substances, often a voodoo wizard. (For interesting scientific evidences and more details: see the French TV documentary done by a doctor: in references of this article). The vampire appears in the narratives of this planet practically in all traditions, like a dead victim of a curse or evil deeds, returning with his material body at night and being able to maintain himself there, only thanks to the blood he drinks from the living. (So ​​a dead person with the appearance of a living). But let’s go back to Egypt …

Antoine Gigal in Tanis Egypt

Antoine Gigal descending in the Egyptian underground in Tanis Egypt. Photo©AntoineGigal-2017

The deads: Living Dead of Ancient Egypt:

There is an ancient Egyptian word for the deceased and it is “Mâakheru”, the deceased who passed the judgment of the dead, the one who told the truth about his life and who was held accountable: ” who is true of voice” or “justified” as it is often translated. Following this judgment, a dead man became alive for eternity, in other dimensions. So these living deads, represented life in its greatest expression since they won Life forever. But oh surprise: an ancient Egyptian could also get this denomination during his lifetime! Eh yes! And so became another kind of living dead of Ancent Egypt! I will explain to you now…

Antoine Gigal before descending in Egyptian undergrounds

Antoine Gigal before descending in Egyptian undergrounds. Photo©Antoine Gigal-2017-Denderah

The living “living deads” of Ancient Egypt:

Some privileged ones very involved in the spiritual, during Ancient Egypt times, could reach the status of “Maakheru” a denomination normally reserved to the deceased, during their life. They accepted to go through several initiations in Abydos, Busiris, Memphis and Karnak, and we have written traces of it. And may be initiations also in other places but without having yet found written proofs in papyri, inscriptions or Stelae, although for my part I think there was also one in Biggeh Island where I was one of the few to be able to tread the territory, I will tell you soon this extraordinary episode in one of my courses online (just register to my Newsletter in this blog to be informed). These initiations involved going through an Osirian judgment like the deceased. As the Papyrus of Leiden indicates, and to summarize: the living initiate passed through several stages: the opening of the doors of the sacred domain for him and the welcome by a priest of Amon, then a descent underground, an arrival in a symbolic otherworld where a priest of Anubis received you, enlightenment after the vision of the god himself or of his relic after or before a night of sleep passed underground, then receiving the title of justified (Mâakheru), then the baptism of regeneration in the lustral water of the sacred place.

Antoine Gigal inside the Osireion.

Antoine Gigal in the Abydos place of initiation photo©AntoineGigal-2017

The fact that this happens underground, in a “pure ” place: (“the abaton”, as in the cave under the Parthenon in Greece) like that of the Osireion of Abydos, is of great importance because for the Ancient Egyptians, the Duat (Dwȝ.t): the stay of the deceased, is in reality underground, even if it is not conditioned by space-time. It is the historian, philosopher and professor at Chicago university: Mircea Eliade who writes: “All the great myths of the ancient East and the Mediterranean world teach that the descent of a living being into the depths of Mother Earth and the acceptance of the trials involved in such a return to Sources of life, exempt immortality, and to conquer it during this existence is to be initiated “. On the other hand, the initiate who spent the night in these places often made dreams of extreme importance for his problems and for his life. This is what we call: places of incubation of dreams and I have already spoken of it in my articles on the serapeum and the sphinx (see references below).

Osireion place of initiation.

Underground corridors where initiation was in the Osireion. Photo©Antoine Gigal-2017

There is ample proof of this title of Mâakheru given to the judged deceased and attributed also to persons alive who would have passed a kind of initiation: such as Paheri of El Kab in the narrative of his life, as well Horsiesis in the papyrus of Leiden, Baki in his stele, Pa-di-khonsou in his inscription, and the simple scribe Amenemhat under Tutmosis III in an inscription, and many others …

In Ancient Egypt, the values of Life were valued above all, whether they were after death or before, because the essence of every human being was for them to keep their heart (ib) intact, for being the seat of your Consciousness, your memory and your singularity in terms of personality. Let us not forget that it is the heart that makes the difference during the Osirian judgment of the deceased: it is this part of the body of the deceased, and nothing else that is placed on the scale of the balance to be judged by the principles of Mâat, of truth and of justice. Has the deceased been sufficiently right in thought, in words, in action so that the scale at least equaled that of  justice? Could he continue to live in a better dimension this time?

Inspired by life by Antoine Gigal

Quote by Antoine Gigal: You are truly alive when you are inspired by Life to surpass yourself thanks to the unknown.

In any case, he who accepted to face such a judgment during his lifetime, did so conscientiously and no doubt that he had prepared himself from a long time, multiplying good deeds and working on his own truth and sincerity. Does not life in all its splendor deserve to be lived fully, sincerely, in the humility of what awaits us and which is unknown to us, in values of benevolence, sharing and transcending our Self? In any case, the Ancient Egyptians were not at all fascinated by death as our culture today, but by life, to preserve it to the maximum and for our eternity…

© Texte, Photos & collages ©AntoineGigal-2017

Copyright©2016.All rights reserved.

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This post is also available in: French

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