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Reading the books of John Shaugnessy I enjoy by Antoine gigal

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Not only reading the books of  John Shaughnessy I enjoy but I strongly recommend them because he is one of the few independent researchers, totally pioneering in his research and his theory on pyramids is absolutely exciting, new, and for me perfectly consistent even if some are going to be amazed!

Indeed, for him, the great pyramids are devices of geoengineering for the control of the planetary functions and he explains it perfectly and in details. This may seem exaggerated or strange at first, but we come to a very important point.

Shaughnessy book about Pyramid and Gravity force

Book cover: Pyramid Gravity Force by John Shaughnessy


The more I work on the ancient Egyptians (and for many years now), the more I discover through many documents of different times that they were perfectly aware of the great cyclical disasters affecting our planet. And not only that, but that with their great intelligence, their incomparable sense of planning the territory in accordance with Nature (I show that in my lectures by hundreds of photos), I discovered that they had put all their forces to try to prevent these calamities or to survive them and to try to send us the message through the centuries to alert us.

It is not only a message: it is a set of remarkable processes and techniques that I try to collect little by little, because there are a lot (I am discovering some every day), and this is the biggest part of my long work because it takes a long time to decrypt everything, understand and record it. This is the true heritage that the ancient Egyptians wanted to convey to us and which has been often misinterpreted as an obsession with death.

Once we have been able to decipher the texts with their different levels of reading and translations, once we have been able to understand their artifacts, their customs with their objects, and the myths that are not imaginary but well constructed on purpose to bring us the most intact knowledge possible centuries later: the scale of their plan and their extraordinary dedication to Humanity began to emerge.

John Shaughnessy author

John H. Shaughnessy

John Shaughnessy, found one of the main functions of the pyramids (because there are several). For me, he has found the one that is the most important for our present and our future, the one on which we can still act for our good. So you see the importance of his book! This primordial function found by Shaughnessy fits into a sophisticated system still much more extensive in different aspects (we will talk about it soon).
It is important to emphasize that here, we are not in a New Age interpretation or in mere impressions, it is an extremely technical and scientific knowledge perfectly human, when we know how to give the best of ourselves (which rarely happens alas!).

HOW the Earth’s Pyramids Work:

What is brilliant in the author’s view is that he speaks of gravity as a source of divine energy for the Ancient Egyptians and not of electricity as we see too often in some books. For him, in ancient Egypt, the representation of the snake encompassing the solar disk colored red tells us about the energy of gravity and for me it is very clever because one of the energies that feeds the sun is gravity (the other is Nuclear energy, but there are still many questions about the synergy of the two). Let us not forget that solar energy gives the electromagnetic energy coming to Earth and is at the origin of the cycles of the wind, the water and of the photosynthesis and thus impacts all our kingdoms (animal, vegetal, mineral) on Earth . Let us not forget that in 1850 we discovered the cycle of ten years for the variations of the magnetic pole and then the solar cycle of eleven years. This demonstrates the interaction between the sun and the terrestrial geomagnetism.

Earth Gravity WikiCommons

The impact of the pyramids on the other side of the globe:

In short, in this exciting book you will learn how the pyramids of Giza (to take them as an example): “reduce the gravitational fields in the magmatic chambers under the Pacific Ocean, under the Hawaiian islands” because the pyramids impact at  180 ° the existing volcanoes on the other side of the planet. So the pyramids of Giza are: “lowering the fields of gravitation in the magma chambers  on the floor of the Pacific ocean” And he extends his theory with specific examples to all the main pyramids on this planet.

Mauna Kea Photo by Eric Guinther Wikicommons

Influencing  the movement of tectonic plates:

You will also learn that the main purpose of the Egyptian pyramids is to lock “the magnetic north of the earth to the true north to influence its periodic displacement and stop the movements of the tectonic plates” to prevent natural disasters. The Great Pyramid was built just 1/60th of 1 degree out of alignment with true north. ” Is not that fascinating? But there is still another consequence and it affects our behavior, the destructive one that humans often have alas …

Any destruction on the great pyramids can cause disaster in our ecosystem!

Caliph Al Mamoun in Cairo

If the pyramids were built to prevent and/or control, tectonic plate movement, volcanic activity, tidal waves, major earthquakes, earth movements and magnetic field movements here on Earth: and if we destroy them or part of them, then there is a serious impact on our whole ecosystem. The author explains to us what happened during the deteriorations carried out in the past, for example: the one done by the Caliphe al Mamoun and the English researchers who used dynamite on the Great Pyramid: he proves to us  that in that time it triggered  natural disasters on the other side of the Earth: impressive!

He also explains to us many other things: among which, for example, the pyramid shape, the link between the Great Pyramid and the moon, the process of the graviton flow inside the Great Pyramid, the Queen’s chamber, etc. .. So you absolutely have to read this book written in a humble and clear way and that enlightens us on points such important to all of us! Good reading to all !!! You can find this book here:

Something about the Moon !

There is something about the Moon:

The other Shaugnessy book written with Wendy H. Salter is also a book I recommend to you because you learn a lot of things in it: the way the Moon influences the glacial ages on Earth; How gravity is the key to these cycles, and how mythology shows us how ancient peoples understood the relationship of the Earth with the Sun and the Moon. it is full of information ignored, forgotten about the Moon, which perfectly complement the book mentioned above. A walk in the traditions of the whole world. And things totally new about Egypt. Read  it also very quickly! You can find this amazing book there: 

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This post is also available in: French

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