Megalithic ramparts in Giza 1st Episode by Antoine Gigal

by Gigal

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Megalithic walls in Giza by Antoine Gigal

Megalithic ramparts in Giza Photo©AntoineGigal-2017

Megalithic ramparts in Giza  is the first episode of a special series “The islands of Giza” of about ten videos by Antoine Gigal, gathering step by step unknown or poorly known terrain evidences all over the Giza plateau (80 km long in reality) and shows that Giza has not always been geologically a plateau but has become it by sedimentation over time which explains us much better the reason for the exceptional constructions all over the plateau as you will see in the last episode.

This first episode highlights the megalithic ramparts in Giza that existed around the 3 most famous pyramids before being transformed into mastabas by more recent dynasties. Other episodes that follow will go even much further…It will be necessary to consider all the videos to get a fair idea, each video focusing on a  detail in particular.

Traveling all over the plateau and all over Egypt for more than twenty years and coming back  to each of the well known or unknown sites  by  more than 300 times, I can say today how important it is to know the terrain in detail before building hasty theories.
All the elements that I have gathered for many years in the end form a coherent whole as you will see.
I have endeavored here to demonstrate visually for the general public several important elements but I have more professional elements that will be in my books. For all these years I have worked mainly with Egyptian geologists and archaeologists who have always been very attentive to my research and have greatly facilitated my work.

This is the beginning of a series, but I have material for many more! So enjoy and travel with me among one of the most fascinating site in the world and you will discover how useful it is for Humanity and our Future!

The first  video: Please sign-up to my Youtube channel where you can see much more!


► SNAPCHAT : Antoine Gigal

Part 1 of Antoine Gigal video series

This post is also available in: French

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Zen shaman April 13, 2017 - 4:54 pm

Wonderful. Much love to you, and your associates!

Phildor April 5, 2017 - 2:22 pm

Very interesting, super video, thank you Gigal for all these mysteries unveiled


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