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The Journey to Freedom by Antoine Gigal

by Gigal

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Often, in your dreams when you are asleep, you find yourself traveling through a vast landscape, and analysts explain this by an  expression of our  great need for freedom. No doubt you endure a situation of blockages in your daily life and you aspire to destroy your chains, to breathe better, to finally take your life in hand, in a more pleasant, more coherent way for you. It is time for you to undertake the journey to freedom!



This solitary journey in your dream is sometimes frightening, when the surroundings are desolate, arid or destroyed. Sometimes it is a relaxing one when you walk by the sea on long beaches, or in a mild hilly and green landscape. But in both cases you are surprised to find yourself in such a landscape. And finally it is not amazing because: you are actually walking in it, to free yourself. Either you want to put an end to the desolation that surrounds you, or you aspire to new horizons, which amounts to the same thing: more freedom!

You are then told that: not only by making this “dreamed” journey, your mind frees itself but also your unconscious, to feel at last more Master of yourself and to remove the obstacles in your daily life, to free you from the weight of the things, taking some  distance from a chaotic ambient.

The lonely exciting path to heal your wounds…

It is the same in your personal quest for knowledge and truth, in your research on the essential questions that every human person asks about humanity, because it is a solitary patha true journey to freedom. This path I have traveled for many years and if it is leading to more freedom, I wish that you can benefit from it of course. I wish that you know how to undertake this journey to freedom. Initially this path freed me as a life buoy can do it in the midst of a shipwreck. I was not in a situation where I could freely live on my passion and my research because I had to solve many existential problems but every time I took care of it, then it was healing my wounds, reloading me, comforting me in my way of seeing the things, making me learn many useful things. The more your vision is different, the more you will be able to free yourself … this is what we call to get personality, consistency …something very rare today!


Journey to freedom : Antoine Gigal in the egyptian desert Photo©AntoineGigal-2017

I always waited impatiently when I could finally grant myself these little moments of liberty, and do what pleased me. How many of us are still in this situation where they are overburdened under mostly material obligations and can not leave what they do not like to do for what they would like to do? Then, step by step, I freed myself until I almost completely succeeded. The journey to liberty implies that you first release yourself psychologically and that despite all the pressures you face in your everyday life. It’s not easy but it’s exciting, because for once it’s a work on yourself that makes you travel. It is not this sad and difficult work on yourself that locks you up , it is an invitation to travel

There are two stages in this access to freedom: how to liberate yourself psychologically and it is probably the most difficult as long as we are conditioned by our surroundings and our wounds, and the second step is to learn to free oneself materially by doing what we love. And this part, despite being the  most scary one , is simple in fact but requires just a lot of work the first year.


This journey in its first part, and after also, is a journey that fits in the symbols around you and not in the dogmas. We do not obtain the psychological liberation of our being by manipulating only the principles and dogmatic knowledge, or in the encyclopedic accumulation of datas:

“Now the inexplicable force of symbols will give us an understanding of the divine forces.” The neoplatonic philosopher Jamblichus (245-330 AD) told us. (Neo-Platonism originated in Alexandria in Egypt),

This is why psychological liberation, this journey to freedom, is something that robots and robotic systems can not do for the moment. The human being who searches in a given field must first consider what goes beyond his rationality. He must not at first get lost in reasoning but has to listen to his desires, following his instinct beyond all rationality. He must bath himself in the rich substrate of symbols. And it also works to change your whole life. Because the journey you do with the symbols, looking at them, is a knowledge with which you evolve and towards which you go, it is personal, only to you. Symbols are keys making you travel from doors to doors, despite you. Because you are trying to understand. Look at what surrounds you, the written words that capture your gaze in the street, listen to the spoken words around you, observe the coincidences, the circumstances, the recurring numbers …

Antoine_Gigal_ the journey_to_freedom

Antoine Gigal watching at the hieroglyphic symbol of a bee. Photo©AntoineGigal-2017

As in  an initiatory process: slowly by your thought and observation, by subtle comparisons, luminous doors of intelligence will open in front of you. We are far from the frozen doctrines and knowledge. And thus valuable knowledge and useful certitudes are no longer trapped in the matter: they fly in your dreams or speak to your unconscious mind, opening up unsuspected levels of comprehension and freeing you more and more from the material heaviness. You will love to learn relaxing, accessing to just what you need… And so the ancient Egyptians in their writing and its different levels of interpretation, in their creations of all kinds …it is the only way to decipher the mysteries and to accompany them. 

The Aspiration to surpass oneself is the Journey to Freedom…

 Listening to the world (and that in any field), “connecting the points” and soon a whole new road is in front of you. The journey to freedom is simply the aspiration to transcend yourself . Why surpassing yourself? But because we must leave the reason and its best friend: the fear. At the beginning of the process we need to let ourselves be carried away. It is not with our rational consciousness but with our subconscious and new memory that we will forge (by seeing ourselves at once as we want to be without seeking to know with fear what we are going to become) , that we will surpass ourselves and reach unexpected destinations. It is to project oneself in a dreamed future in details without fears. When we choose a goal, a place of arrival, an automatic mechanism is set up in our neocortex, assuring us to reach where we want to go, if we are determined ,scientists like the famous Dr. Norbert Wiener tell us. (who created cybernetics). The action is triggered, and it is thanks to the awakened desire.

What is extraordinary is that a lot of genius scientists have worked on it and have discovered extraordinary mechanisms in our brain that help us to change, I would have the opportunity to talk about it more soon …

Antoine _Gigal_Egytian_desert

The Journey to Freedom: “when I am in the desert i don’t feel alone, I feel free” Photo©AntoineGigal-2017,Western desert,Egypt

Desire, dreams, even if they are mad, without the constraints of a too heavy rationality, not only provoke our action better than anything else but make us succeed, free us. For this we must know how to let ourselves be carried by the keys of the symbols, and to know how to use our creative mechanism, to think, to imagine in a completely new way, to experiment new things, to change our way of seeing.

When the imagination REALLY impact your life ...

“Imagination governs the world” said Napoleon …in any case it frees to achieve its goals. Because the big obstacle is just our way of seeing ourselves, it’s our false image of ourselves, because human beings first identify them with their failures and lacks. Many of us see ourselves as victims of a lot of things and situations, and as long as we do not change that view, happy changes can not happen. And this is where listening to symbols, new experiences and imagination come to save us:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge,” said Einstein, who imagined himself when a child as a ray of light traveling through space.

It is for this reason that the way of teaching and writing of the Ancient Egyptians is interesting because it uses these processes in line with what is said by the greatest scientists of today in neuroscience, in the functioning of our brain. And it’s absolutely exciting, fascinating. Not only have I applied to myself some of these techniques but I have seen the results on my life.


Antoine Gigal in Abydos

Soon, this summer, I will have the opportunity to offer you different types of very affordable short trainings : one e-class by video, small texts and audios will be the study, step by step, of all that can teach to us the ancient Egyptian priests not only with the original ancient texts I will explain to you, but with the most sacred places, the incredible experiences that one can still live there when you know certain things, and you will also learn some ancient rare practices if you wish, that can help you in your life everyday. Things that I experienced myself. I will also explain, but this will be part, of a further training: how the ancient Egyptians influenced their fate by an amazing process. Another very lively formation will also bring together the useful knowledge of the Alexandrian philosophers with exercises, all mixed with the latest scientific discoveries on genetics and the brain and you will see that this marriage is perfect! But I will have the opportunity to tell you more in details soon!

Today, I can’t conceive to teach things to you , to reveal you my discoveries as you ask me in your many letters, without taking into account at first: all your difficulties and sufferings, inherent to our time . Because I have been there and I know how difficult it is to think positively, to act on oneself and therefore to learn when we are blocked on all sides in our lives. I then thought of a system for your life to improve while learning much about the mysteries of Egypt and anyway it was the first goal of the Ancient Egyptians in their Houses of Life!

©Texte, Photos ©®AntoineGigal-2017

Copyright©2017.All rights reserved

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-Norbert Wiener: "Cybernetics or Control and communication", Paris,1948 
-Matthew N. Chappell : "Worry and Its Control",1966.
-A propos de Prescott Lecky : "Self consistency a theory of personality", 1945.


This post is also available in: French

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murielle viret October 5, 2017 - 6:07 pm

Bonjour Gigal,
Votre article sur le voyage vers la liberté m’a beaucoup apporté car il est arrivé à un moment de mon existence où je ressentais ce besoin de libération sans savoir comment l’appréhender.
Votre travail sur les enseignements égyptiens est très riche .
Merci et bonne continuation.

Gigal October 9, 2017 - 5:56 pm

Merci Murielle cela me touche fort car ma motivation principale est d’aider par tout les moyens possibles … regardez sur FB,Instagram etc ma nouvelle activité (supplémentaire) Vivelaliberté (pas encore lancé, mais qques articles en ligne, en construction) cela vous intéressera peut être aussi. Quant aux enseignements égyptiens vous le savez c’est ma passion !


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