What are meaning the latest discoveries in the Great Pyramid?

by Gigal

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What are meaning the latest discoveries in the Great Pyramid ?

As I’m traveling, without a good wifi, I’ll just clarify some things in the news about the latest discoveries in the Great Pyramid, I will not rewrite the general data that are  repeating “ad nauseum” all the articles of the press all over the world today, except for some compulsory data, you will excuse me. I will tell you what is the true meaning of the latest discoveries in the Great Pyramid.


The great Pyramid©®AntoineGigal-2017

Certainly, the mission: “Scan Pyramid Project” which brings together scientists from Egypt, France, Canada and Japan, has done an excellent scientific work for two years, using several and different tomographic and muongraphic equipment in different places, with several teams which did not communicate with each other, in order to be able to compare the results in all neutrality. I will not dwell much on the techniques used because you can find it everywhere. Now you know me, there are many things to say, but first of all in summary, what exactly was found? And what are  meaning the latest discoveries in the Great Pyramid:

Two important discoveries :

Under the outer rafters of the Great Pyramid was the original true entrance. Drawing by Richard Dalton. (1791)

  1. First: At the end of 2015  was detected, (but it was announced only in October 2016 to you … with just photos of fuzzy particles) thanks to the muongraphy on the North face of the Great Pyramid, (Scan Pyramid North facing corridor: SP-NFC) 2 m behind the North face  and at a height between 17 and 20 m from the ground of the base of the pyramid, a piece of corridor or cavity of a height of 1 to 3 m therefore, and a width of 1 to 2 m, and a length of 5m. It was a piece of corridor or a cavity rather rectangular, horizontal or slightly upward, hidden behind the famous outer rafters of the Great Pyramid which are just above the real original entrance of the pyramid which is not used today. (see the photo beside and  below  and the black marks on my drawing). The greatest precision of the shape and size of this cavity (which you actually only see publicly in detail today, with the other discovery) was finally made by cross-checking several techniques: 3 muon sensors + muography with 3 plastic films coated for detection for 67 days + 3D modeling by Dassault Systems + 12 new muon-sensitive plates again a little later. This piece of corridor or structure remains for the moment a total mystery because to know if it has any continuation would require much more detection material and much more time but it is very likely that it has a continuation.


    Latest discoveries in the great pyramid: the two cavities.Drawing by©AntoineGigal-2017

  2. They then discovered (also in black on my drawing) a much larger cavity that is making the buzz  today and we even have seen in the headlines: “the size of a plane of 200 seats “! This is not correct, as it would be necessary to consider only the cabin, and even only a part of it. Nevertheless it remains a large cavity: 30m long at a height of 50 to 70m from the ground of the base of the Great Pyramid, above the Great Gallery, and with substantially the same slope and the same height ( remember that the Great Gallery is 47 m long, 8m high and a volume of 600 m3). This unannounced discovery to the public in 2016, surprised the team so much that they added other teams and sensors to the experiment and tell you the results only now, after many verifications …  

That said…


Gigal inside the Great gallery of the GP©®AntoineGigal-2017

That said, what they forget to tell you most of the time is, with regard to the large cavity, that it can be a lot of things. Indeed muons discern voids but not walls or structures or artifacts, so it can be several corridors, several rooms (if the cavity is less sloping than we think, because a good triangulation has not even been done!) stairs, or a single corridor like the Grand Gallery … on the other hand it is impossible to see the small corridors, etc … it would take a lot more equipment, people and  time. Then when the Japanese from Nagoya University tells us: “… the big void is totally closed, nothing has been touched since the construction of the Great Pyramid …” nothing is less certain and I will have the opportunity to talk about it (first they can’t know if it is closed, we can’t even see walls, and the signal fades because the mass of stone becomes too important  more you go inside   and absorb more and more muons! And then, as for  previous visits in the past, you will have to wait some of my writings!). The only thing we are certain of is that it is not a pile of rubble because then the measurements would have marked a low under-density.

In any case, the project engineers are already thinking about the possible introduction of a small robot by a hole of 3 cm in diameter …. yes, except that if it is a large corridor sloping like the Grand gallery the small robot can get lost and fall into all kinds of infractuosities it will not be like the tiny corridors wide and high, like barely a small hand, that was explored in the past with small robots on a very short length without surprises …


The not yet known structures in the Great Pyramid according the Ta people. Drawing ©®AntoineGigal-2017

What the Ta people  of the Oral Tradition say about the areas still to discover

Now, I regret that we do not listen to the people of the oral Tradition: the Ta (I put in green the areas where they know that there are many structures inside the Great Pyramid, which would explain that the mass of stone is not as heavy as we think because there are in fact, many internal structures including reinforcing ones …. you can listen to my free podcast on my meetings with the Ta, link below but in french), who  are still knowing  where some of the structures are located and especially where to enter (which would make it possible to have not invasive technology,  to not make holes except in the coating). I understand that we can not do everything at first, but I also regret the fact that we do not scan the walls of the king’s room where, in some places, by certain joints, and at a certain height and with a suitable light: you discern a corridor turning behind the East and North walls… Some who made my trip are still remembering when I showed them …. but I have my idea of ​​why they don’t and it is someone who has entered 348 times in the Great Pyramid who tells you! (Yes I counted!).

In short, it’s a breakthrough, but it’s costly and time consuming and it’s going to take a lot of time and just for that area, maybe the least important, in terms of what I know, and it’s not not for nothing that the ancient Egyptians buried their boats at the foot of the South and East face the Great Pyramid, the safest for them, nor that the Arabic  manuscripts of the Middle Ages  speaks of a lot of other corridors … and that it should not be forgotten that the Great Pyramid remained without its upper third part for a very long time when it was mainly used as an astronomical observatory, but I will tell you soon (although it has more than one function) with all the references … a lot of long articles to come, from me soon!

Link to the free podcast in French about the Ta tribe:  et :

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This post is also available in: French

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M.G November 7, 2017 - 7:56 am

Thank you to clarify all these discoveries! It is very important ti get it from you who are so often in Egypt from years knowibg it all so well! Thank you !


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