Gigal in Khuwy tomb

The buried name of the forgotten Queen Setibhor

by Gigal

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The buried name of Queen Sethibor in Saqqara

A lot of discoveries are done these last days in Saqqara. The amazing archaeologic site  beside the ancient  capital of Egypt : Memphis.

And what is fantastic is that the name of a totally forgotten Egyptian queen : Queen Setibhor  has just been discovered in Sakkara. That happened when excavating the 5th dynasty tomb of the noble Khuwy with its magnificent paintings at the exit of it. I tell you in the following  video what we are beginning to know about this mysterious Queen Setibhor.

 One possibility is that this Queen Setibhor has also been able to reign alone after the death of her husband. She  benefited from a consequent pyramid and an adjacent satellite pyramid which was generally reserved for the male  pharaohs.  Queen Setibhor has not finished raising many questions about her. Here is the video :


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This post is also available in: French

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