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1PHOTO1For more than twenty years  of Egyptological, archaeological  explorations and digital nomadic life throughout Egypt, Africa and the Mediterranean basin, and after five years at the university in Sorbonne and in the National Institute of Oriental languages in Paris, in this insatiable quest for authentic knowledge and intellectual honesty, I’ve never stopped to communicate and share  with you my experiences.

Today after thousands of emails I got from you: I wish to transmit to you, not only the discoveries, lessons collected on-sites that will enable you to understand mysteries, but also to inspire you in your day life, regenerating you, informing you, sharing my thoughts and a lot more as you asked me.

I wish, whatever your age is, whatever your knowledge is, to  give you this Ariadne’s thread to escape from the labyrinth, that allows us to: “get out in the light of the day” to paraphrase the ancient Egyptians, that spark,  allowing  us to continue intact and richer through the difficulties of life.

In this blog: I offer you small articles (for larger articles Go To : http://www.gigalresearch.com/uk/publications.php), small historic capsules, some advices, my philosophy,  photos, videos and if you sign up to my newsletter you will be aware of my Master-classes online, lectures, webinars,  travels and e-books. The e-classes are done  by correspondence in small easy-to-understand sections, and they are those that you requested to me, in order you really understand the Ancient Egyptian “system” : what they wanted to say and give us through time: everything  becomes clear and exciting, and to my knowledge this has never been done. I start from the sites, and with photos and videos I talk to you about the teaching of the Egyptian priests who knew a lot about our past and future. I can finally authorize myself to do it after dozens of years of ancient texts and  sites  study in-situ..

Δ If you are fascinated by the mysteries of Egypt, Africa and by the Mediterranean basin as Gigal
Δ If you want to deepen the achievements and lessons of the ancient Egyptians with Gigal
Δ If you want to travel in Egypt and to be informed, if you wish to know the latest  discoveries with Gigal
Δ If you want to know  the archaeologic  sites not yet opened to the public with Gigal
Δ If you want to benefit from the experiences, adventures, and philosophy of Gigal
Δ If you want to have access to  hidden knowledge in the ancient texts or lasting in a rare and valuable oral tradition. Then :


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For your information Antoine Gigal is a registered trademark ®Antoine Gigal


Gigal in Henen Nesu sacred temple site, Egypt. Photo©Gigal-2016

If you wish to see more about this temple just go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWiAwhhGIG4


This post is also available in: French

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